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Testflight packaging

I'm about to send some ad-hocs to review companies.

I presume that I will have to receive their iphone/device serials first via test flight. Then package the app and upload it to testflight.
There isn't just a way to have an app packaged up without needing device id's?

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  • Braydon_SFXBraydon_SFX Posts: 8,966Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Bowlboy Sidekick GameSalad Employee
    Hi there,

    I actually just came out with a video tutorial for setting TestFlight up and submitting builds.

    Take a look:
  • DanielDoeDanielDoe Posts: 307Member
    Why do you want them to play as testers? I don't think companies would like to register and install test flight only to review your game. It would be better to send promo codes for free download of already released game. What if they write a review and the game will never be published? It's to big risk for them.
  • IcedBIcedB Posts: 384Member, PRO
    @Daniel Doe because my app is already set for publishing as it has already been approved...And if you read some review page submissions they want test flight stuff.

    @Braydon_SFX thanks I will check that out

    Check out my other apps at and get in touch with me at :

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