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spazzer101spazzer101 Member Posts: 7
Just heard about a company called digitalmunch that's offering Free Video trailers to be made if you have a game on the appstore. They're doing a private invite,so see if you can get in.

Are there other services like this?


  • The_Gamesalad_GuruThe_Gamesalad_Guru Member Posts: 9,914
    Not sure i do my own. I never like cookie cutter stuff everyone trailer will be based on a handful of predefined templates I'm sure.
  • RPRP Member Posts: 1,990
    Agreed. There is nothing original about template based editing nor creating a "pro high end" appearance with nothing to back it up (which this is not). Little effort went into the youtube template examples they have and even less effort is still sitting on their/his/her site.

    I'd say pass. The latter part of their mission philosophy "You app, Your trailer, YOUR STYLE" could not be further from the truth, especially when it comes for free.

    You may find a good resource here in the GameSalad threads, give them a lookie see.
  • spazzer101spazzer101 Member Posts: 7
    Well what if they start off with the templates so you see what you get and then have the video professionals do the editing, motion graphics and all. Does that make a difference?
  • RPRP Member Posts: 1,990
    edited December 2012
    Yes it is a huge difference (not in their favor), because it's the "pros" and not 'them' and they are not doing it first hand, it is bogus and false representation.

    A studio that is sub contracting work for free? (or sending work to another source and taking credit for free). Makes no sense at all.

    Are you associated with this endeavor/service offer?
    I must ask as this topic is not the norm for new users/first time posters unless advertising under guise.

    "They're doing a private invite,so see if you can get in."

    That there along with the "what if" second post, smells suspicious.

    Free services are appreciated by those who need them but to submit personal data to an unknown entity, that sports little to no reference and no history while positioning themselves in such a way, is not a good idea.
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    I like fish
  • RPRP Member Posts: 1,990

    Man, I'm gonna miss that old party hardy avatar.
  • capitalcarnagecapitalcarnage Member Posts: 371
    lol, shame I haven't got the photo of my 83yr old Grandmother doing the same shots.
  • spazzer101spazzer101 Member Posts: 7
    RP, I don't what you're trying to say from your post "A studio that is sub contracting work for free? (or sending work to another source and taking credit for free). Makes no sense at all. "

    I signed up because I heard about and wanted to know if there's any other service like this. As a new member, the only way to start getting street creed is being active in the community. If you call that suspicious--then ALL new members are suspicious for asking questions, sharing ideas and being part of this great community!
  • ElfizmElfizm Member Posts: 489
    Welcome to GS by the way :)

    I think the message that's trying to get across is be wary of signing up to sites that offer free stuff or services, as much as it would be great to have things, in this time and place you get what you pay for. So I am hoping that @RP was trying to suggest that he was expressing concern as you may be new and could be blinded by the word FREE.

    With all due respect I hope you understand that some things people say are trying to inform you, and would be easier if something doesn't go your way you don't accuse people and put people in to sub groups.

    Also the best servies with trailers are the ones you make yourself because you know your app inside out and the selling points. Or you work closely with the person,

  • SocksSocks London, UK.Member Posts: 12,822
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    "The fastest growing market to produce your video needs"


    Number of Tweets on their Twitter feed . . . . . . 1!
    Number of videos on Vimeo . . . . . 1!
    Click on their 'follow us on Facebook' button takes you nowhere as the page doesn't exist.
    Their Youtube channel had 4 videos with a grand total of 91 views (that's 91 views shared between all 4 videos).

    Is this really the fastest growing market place or someone with iMovie ?

    Strangely given that they have just the one tweet, they have 11k followers !? (Can you 'buy' Twitter followers ? )
  • spazzer101spazzer101 Member Posts: 7
    Yeah I saw that too Socks, but since they are starting out I figure I'd overlook that since it's a free service and I have nothing to loose since I can't afford a good quality trailer. So, if they can do it for me given it's a new thing they are launching--why not?

    Worst case scenario it doesn't work out--best case scenario I get a free trailer. :)
  • spazzer101spazzer101 Member Posts: 7
    edited January 2013
    So I thought I'd let everyone know that I did get my free trailer from them. It never hurts to take a chance, so glad I did! Apparently, they've been doing it for some other folks too. Check it out!
  • The_Gamesalad_GuruThe_Gamesalad_Guru Member Posts: 9,914
    Yeah but the watermark it with their bug and add an ad. Not great for marketing your brand.
  • RPRP Member Posts: 1,990
    Pretty much what we were trying to relay, a series of variables that would not exactly work to your advantage.

    Now you have a video that is more about "them" (Digital Munch) than you. Either way, if you are content with it, then all is good. At least it was for free and you can refer people to the video.

    The game looks pretty cute! Blast dem cows!!!
  • spazzer101spazzer101 Member Posts: 7
    edited January 2013
    Thanks RP! Yeah I'm happy with it since it's a FREE trailer. They mentioned to me, I could upgrade if I wanted customized work for my trailer or remove the watermark. But for a free trailer, I'm a happy camper with the HD trailer they made for me. It looks amazing when I show it on my iphone to others!
    Plus, I've already got more downloads thanks to this trailer. Show me the money!!
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