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[4 Seconds 4 Life] - by Chip-Art Gaming

chipartchipart Posts: 1Member
edited December 2012 in Non-GS Game News
We are a new indie game dev studio, Chip-Art Gaming and we are currently releasing our first title, 4 Seconds 4 Life.
It is a skill-based, challenging game with lots of unique minigames.

We want to improve our game and making a real 4 seconds style. We love this style and believe that there are a lot of gamers who like playing 4 seconds game.


This game lasts for only 4 seconds.
You have no idea what can be done in 4 seconds!

Defuse a bomb, cut a tree or survive the attack of a zombie hord in time!

The game contains 30 unique minigames.
You have to find out your task and complete it in 4 seconds.


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    Not made with GameSalad. Wrong category. Moved.
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    Not made with GameSalad. Wrong category. Moved.

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