Basic Marketing Principles you need to do in order to sell in this new iphone marketplace

yemiyemi Member Posts: 13
Ok if your a developer in this forum and your having trouble selling any copies of your game.Follow this advice to kickstart some sales!! Everything here is a must unless you want to depend on luck.

1)Go to Make a youtube account and upload your video there if you havent already. Then take the youtube link and post it where ever you post your game.

2) will let you do free PR for your games. There are paid packages as well. I suggest you do one press release before your game is launched to build hype and one paid one when you do launch.

3)Go to many forums to post your game

This is the basic's you need to cover to effectively market your game. There are more things you can do to promote your game but I will only make a larger indepth coverage if there is enough interest in this subject.


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