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gamesalad - windows version tutorials (updated regulary)

tblockpillartblockpillar Posts: 6Member
edited December 2012 in Community Tutorials
ok i may not be the best at gamesalad but i know quite a fair bit, if you would like me to make a windows tutorial of something specific, just comment it below and i will make the video ASAP.

the first tutorial i have made is how to make a timer ( a time limit for the game).


  • mrchris317mrchris317 Posts: 78Member
    Hi thanks for the offer. Can you make an in depth tutorial on tables, their uses, best practices, there limitations etc. I have been watching the tables tutorials but they always use index, I know that I can use integer in its place, but the mac tuts never work fully for me. Thanks so much. Im sure I can give you other topics. Accelerometer, Background scrolling like an endless runner, a tutorial on all the math used (more programming than game salad, but still). Thanks a ton for offering. Appreciate it.

  • DemsayDemsay Posts: 6Member
    Hello you can find what i would like to know here

    Im working on the windows version and there is not much tutorials to help me getting start for now

  •[email protected] Posts: 2Member, PRO
    I need a tutorial for the toys vs bullies template. Adding enemies, toys, objects, creating more obstacles etc. Thanks in advance.
  • The_Gamesalad_GuruThe_Gamesalad_Guru Posts: 9,914Member
    I'm sure the windows users will be happy you are making some videos. I just want to remind new users is that if all you do is watch videos and copy stuff, you'll never learn how to be a power user. You really need to look past the GUI and think in terms of logic. As though the interfaces are different logic is the same. Really understanding why you're creating an attribute type, what rules really do logic wise et.. Is the key to making great code. When you understand logic you'll be able to do anything that is possible with GS without watching any videos. This is why many users spend a year learning GS and all they learn to do is copy and paste. Videos are a creat teaching tool but you have to look at the logic not the press this drag that only. Test your knowledge by asking yourself why am I using this rule and what exactly is it doing? If you can answer the question in detail you're in a good place, if not you need to spend more time understanding why things do what they do.
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