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@ tshirtbooth - Help please with Quiz Template

borabora Posts: 36Member, PRO

i have puschased your Quiz Template - Thank you for that!!!
But i have two Questions.

1. I imported the Quiz to an educational app with a menu. When i click to "Quiz" it starts right with "Tap to begin". But if i click on the "Back to Menu" button during the game and press the "Quiz" button again, it starts wrong with the Timer that counts down and a new question without "Tap to begin". So i know the game do not stop if i click on "Back to Menu"
I try "Reset Game" behavior in the "Back to Menu" Button, but then it starts from the initial scene and not from my "Menu". What can i do?

2. Is it Possible that the timer position x is in another position than "26+( self.Size.Width /2)" - i try it, but it works not right if i change it to "320+( self.Size.Width /2)"

Thanks for helping

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