how to make actor jump

I've managed to make him jump, but i want the actor only able to jump again once his on the ground. (everytime i hit the jump button he gets higher and higher)


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    how to make actor jump
    Approach from behind.
  • sparkaniasparkania Member, PRO Posts: 300
    set a collision condition on your actor.
    and then a Attribute and Change attribute on your Jump button.

    a "Jump"(real) value in the game set to "0".
    -"0" will be Jump and "1" will be Don't jump

    on your actor set the collision condition to change attribute game.Jump to "0". (this means when he hits the ground, the value will change to 0 and he can Jump again.

    on your jump button, Add an Attribute Condition block. Then set the "If" game.Jump =0. Then move all of your button press and actual jump actions into the Do portion of the block. Add to the "Do" a Change Attribute game.Jump to "1" (this will mean that the Jump button will not function till he hits the ground again..
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