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Character dies before actually making contact with enemy.

In my game enemies fall down the screen and you must move from left to right to avoid them. The problem is that even if you go just next to the enemy you will die. I ave done the images in png so that the box has gone but it seems like it acts as if there is still an invisible box around the actors that collide with eachother causing the actor to die. This seems to be the cause as if u go far enough away you will not die but if you are close to the enemy at around the spot where the white box would be had it not been in png you die. I did all the artwork for my characters and the ma character has a swimming animation if that makes a difference.

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  • RPRP Posts: 1,990Member
    Accepted Answer
    Yeah sounds like the canvas on the image could use some trimming. GameSalad uses the whole image file (including what is not seen/transparent), for collision. You can constrain a custom transparent hit box to your actor/s, there are also ways to reduce the colidable areas manualy on the actor.

    For starters remove as much uneeded space/canvas from your actors, but if you have animations that use this space in different keyframes, go with a collision/hit box.

    Just look on google or youtube for: gamesalad and hit box, custom hit box and constrain hit box to an actor.


  • ElfizmElfizm Posts: 489Member
    From what I get from this is that you have transparent on your images and think that it doesn't act as the collide boundary.

    That white box is your collide boundary, no matter what image you put in it. You can change it to rectangle or circle but that's it.

    Hope that helps
  • sparkaniasparkania Posts: 300Member, PRO
    I agree, your animation is just an image on a larger field. Much like drawing on clear plastic, the borders of the plastic would be your actionable collisions, not just the visible image.
  • ChakkuChakku Posts: 1,513Member

    Yep, I have the same problem. GameSalad doesent have pixel collisions yet, and they are coming only to pro members. So you will need to make your own collision shape.
  • SocksSocks London, UK.Posts: 12,822Member
    "Character dies before actually making contact with enemy."

    Sounds like an issue with cowardice to me.
  • sparkaniasparkania Posts: 300Member, PRO
    kind of a Possum effect.. ;)
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