total newbie here. I am sorking out how to make a pick a card game

I have no experience but am stubborn, I have created a series of Oracle decks, and want to create a game app with them. Basically you would pick from the deck face down and the card would when take you to a new scene . That scene would be a the digital pic as full size asIt can be. Text would appear after a time then it would go the pick again or exit scene. Does Gateshead have a template for this type of game? The actors are the cards themselves therebactions serve reveal the cards info. Do I need to insert my game info in initial scene? Or is this something you worry about later if you publish?
Thanks for your time :)

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    Auto correct errors ...that should say
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    Thx! Have been working my way thru :)
    Will check out the links provided thx for the help.
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    Ok, so have waded through a large portion of manuals etc..the type of game I am creating is more simple than the Memory type game templates.
    Current question is

    Scene one is the scene with all the cards face down. Each card is an actor, there are 25 actors on the screen...
    is this too many?
    When I try and test the mechanics it skips the images and presents a blank screen for the first scene..this could be due to the fact that I haven't finished assinging all the actors behaviours, (which basicly direct the code to change to a scene with the cards meaning on it. ) before I get to far in to assigning this course of action realistic? The demo's won't help.
    I guess I could delete all 24 other actors and run it all to check on one...I just would like to make sure that one way or another 25 cards can fit on the screen, I am not overloading the code in some way?
    Will keep plugging along ( I have more art to keep trying out this format if I can make it work) but if any one has any time or insights of game creating in this format I am all ears :)
    Thanks for your time
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