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Witch is the best?

TDGamesTDGames Posts: 13Member
I have photoshop but it is so so so hard to make my characters for my games, whats the best software to draw my stuff. or is photoshop the best. thanks for the help!


  • butterbeanbutterbean Posts: 4,315Member, PRO
    It depends on what type of images you want to draw.

    If you want to go old school and do sprite images, then Pixen is a really great program and it's free for MAC, easy to use, not complicated at all, and does a pretty good job :)

    As for vector images, I think Adobe Illustrator CS4 is great, but very expensive.

    I think there are other free vector image programs out there as well, I'll post a link to the Wiki here on Gamesalad where they'll have more info :)

    Scroll down to "What image software...." and you'll find some more programs free or ones you can pay for that you can use to draw images :)
  • TDGamesTDGames Posts: 13Member
    OMg thanks so much dude helped me out a lot im not sure what vector images are but ill go research it thanks!
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