enemies wave

New to GS.

need a little help.

I'm trying to make wave of enemies.
say for example, i have 2 enemies actor, enemies_actor1, enemies_actor2

every 15sec. it should spawn(point A) and move toward point B.
and it should spawn 2x,4,6,8,10...
1st 15sec - enemies_actor1, enemies_actor2
2nd 15sec - 4,4,
3rd 15sec -8,8,
4th 15sec - 16,16,
how would i do this?
Any help would be great.


  • DoomedtoFailStudioDoomedtoFailStudio Member Posts: 12
    edited January 2013
    Im not totally sure how to get the multiplier to work, but this is how I would do the rest.

    1) Create an actor and call it Spawner.
    2) Inside that actor create two timers.
    3) In the timers, create one spawn actor behaviour (per timer)
    4) Tell one spawn actor behaviour to spawn the enemies_actor1 actor to whatever X and Y you want.
    5) Do the same with enemies_actor2
    6) Inside the enemies_actor1 and enemies_actor2 actors make a move to behaviour that tells them what X and Y to go to.

    For the multiplier:
    The hard way could be to just copy and past the timers and set it to every 15s, 30s, etc, and then increase the number of spawn actor behaviours... Or, maybe someone has a math formula for this.

    I know it's not exactly what you were looking for, but I hope this helps a bit.


    Doomed to Fail Studio
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