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Donation - I need help to publish my game

caiokawasakicaiokawasaki Posts: 68Member
edited January 2013 in Announce Your Game!
I'm creating this campaign so I can publish my game on Google Play and Apple Store if you're a game developer you already know the entire existing bureaucracy in this process, I'm just a student and I am unable to get this money by my self, so I'm counting on your help, can be any value, you define how much help either...

Here are some screen shots of my game:

The game is to save people being thrown into the sun by aliens, the game will have several combos, specials and things like that, click in the link below to know a little bit more...
I hope to raise little, just enough ($150), so that's basically it, I'm counting on you.
Caio Correa Kawasaki


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