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Stone Wheel 2 HD - a puzzle/platform for iPad

gameviccigamevicci Posts: 294Member, PRO
Hi guys,
here's my new game for iPad
You must reach the finish on each level, but you should also take the honey jar, because jars will unlock other worlds.

I hope some old-time player will appreciate the level design :)


There are 50 free levels and other 50 you can unlock with inApp
There's also the game center but by now here in Italy doesn't work, can someone tell me if it works in USA? (the game was published this night)


  • ChakkuChakku Posts: 1,513Member

    Congrats! Look nice and high quality! :)

    Just a question- it may just be me, but does the GameCenter icon on the menu look a bit blurry? I think it should be a shiny button.

  • gameviccigamevicci Posts: 294Member, PRO
    Have you tried it on an iPad 3? (maybe on the retina display it's more blurry).
    However it's a bit blurry even on my iPad 1 :)

    Thanks a lot @Chakku!
  • ChakkuChakku Posts: 1,513Member
    gamevicci said:

    Have you tried it on an iPad 3?


    No, I haven't.

    Actually I just saw the first screenshot- everything is so neat and clean...but thenthat GameCenter icon stands out as blurry! I'm always a bit picky when new games are rleased, but it's just my opinion, so don't take it too seriously ;)

    I have downloaded the game from iTunes, and will hopefully get to play it later today!

    Chakku :)
  • ChakkuChakku Posts: 1,513Member

    Oh, and the 'use your brain' screenshot, I think, should be renamed to 'complex puzzles' or something...'use your brain' sounds just a tiny bit offensive, if you know what I mean ;)

    Chakku :)
  • gameviccigamevicci Posts: 294Member, PRO
    Maybe with my bad english I imagined something like "test your ability" when I wrote "use your brain"
    The problem is that now I can't change the screenshot until a new submission!
    However thanks for suggestions!!

  • anatomyofdreamsanatomyofdreams Posts: 723Member
    Job well done! Beautiful game. Very fun. I'd suggest getting someone to help you with the english however. A lot of the text doesnt make sense. I realize this may be difficult but it'll be worth it business wise. I'd hate to see such a great game be deemed unproffesional due to text. Great work though! :)
  • gameviccigamevicci Posts: 294Member, PRO
    Thanks @anatomyofdreams

    The ridiculous thing is that I paid a mother-tongue translator to write the how-to-play text -.-

    Next time I will ask to someone here on the forum!
    I can offer perfect Italian translation and localization :)
  • anatomyofdreamsanatomyofdreams Posts: 723Member
    edited January 2013
    Heres one big fix for you.

    In level 2 it says...
    Look at the white flowers: there are always for a reason! They can indicate a secret passage of from where to leave to surpass an obstacle!

    Heres a better translation:
    Look at the white flowers: They are there for a reason! They can indicate a secret passage!

    Look at the white flowers: They are there for a reason! They can indicate a secret passage to help overcome certain obstacles.

    Hope this helps!
  • gameviccigamevicci Posts: 294Member, PRO
    Really really thanks @anatomyofdreams !!
  • mrpacogpmrpacogp Posts: 400Member
    Looks very pretty!
  • anatomyofdreamsanatomyofdreams Posts: 723Member
    edited January 2013
    @gamevicci no problem! Happy i could help. Almost everything in the intro sequence is next to perfect english. There's a few minor little things but nothing distracting.
    The bigger problems seem to be in the text during the gameplay. I've fixed one of the major ones (which i gave you above). So definitely have someone take a look at it and correct the few english problems sprinkled around. If you have an english speaking friend have them look at it.

    On an unrelated note, not sure if you're from Italy- but if you are, I love your country. Visit there often and always have an incredible time. Very warm friendly people :)
  • gameviccigamevicci Posts: 294Member, PRO

    thanks again :) When you will come to Italy write me a pm!
  • prince.studiosprince.studios Posts: 77Member
    great game man keep the good work and the graphics are perfect its really great
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