question about gradients(inkscape)

hi, so I'm running into a problem with gradients.

I'm making a rocket. So I have a rectangle, and a circle at the end(occluding half so it looks like a rounded tip) both of the same color so it looks like the same object.

I then select them both, and group them, then I duplicate them and lighten the top layer and add a gradient.

Problem is the overlap of the circle looks all weird, it looks like it's putting 2 separate gradients over each object.

Attached is screenshot of my problem, thank you.


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    @pixelmetal , I'm a little indignent over getting LMGTFY'd , but i'm also excited that there's apparently a web app for LMGTFY-ing people.

    That being said , I wouldn't have asked this question in the first place if I knew what "combining objects" was. I can't google something I don't know exists.

    In short, thanks this was helpful.
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