HELP just got my first app on app store BUT...

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I got my first app approved and listed on the app store today. But when i downloaded it first when the gamesalad logo loads my game loads the oppisite way afterwards. Next once you press menu buttons that go back to the main menu the game goes to a black screen and you can only hear the music. Also once you change difficulties it does the same black screen afterwards also once you choose a game mode it opens the wrong game mode. It also is taking sceens that are not linked to anything and showing them. Apparently the scenes are all messed up. None of which happens in gamesalad viewer or on the iphone to test. I made the game in 8.3 gamesalad but i downloaded 8.4 gamesalad and submitted the game with that if that helps. But when i try it on gamesalad viewer everything is fine.


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    I'd double check all your versions first. Are you definitely using the 8.4 viewer? I wouldn't trust compiling an 8.3 game with 8.4 having not seen it running first! That's just asking for twouble!
    (That was an actual typo, but I couldn't bring myself to correct it.)

    I'm going to build and submit tonight, at long last! How long did the whole process take for you - from building via GS and the app arriving in the app store?
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    this is a known issue that will hopefully get fixed in the next update
  • haim96haim96 Member Posts: 87
    this known in the latest version 8.4?! any way to avoid the bug?

    i'm not sure why we pay $99 on buggy version that can't export properly for iphone
    especially when we pay to export for iphone...

  • App_MakerApp_Maker Member, PRO Posts: 64
    So what exactlly is the issue? Is it when you update from 8.3 to 8.4 gamesalad it will cause issues when you submit a game? Would that mean everyone who has 8.4 gamesalad can't submit a app to the app store without major issues. I had to remove the game because of how many bugs it had.

    Slowboy it took a total of 5 actual days from submitting to seeing on app store. This also was over the easter holiday.
  • SlowboySlowboy Member, PRO Posts: 329
    Thanks for the info NQ, going through the motions now!
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