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My Very First Software App! Real Cool Soccer Scoreboard

RCSappsRCSapps Posts: 8Member
edited January 2013 in Announce Your Game!
Hello People of GameSalad,

I am please to announce the birth of my first app around midnight today. It is not a game but a utility program for tracking soccer game time and scores. It is sophisticated than many scoreboard apps because the timer can be customized to any minutes between 0 and 99. The number of seconds inputted can be 0 to 59. The clock can count up or down. More info can be found in the Google Play link below. A free version will be available soon.

GameSalad is a life changer. I kept adding requirements because GameSalad made programming easy. It was more difficult to trouble shoot the run time errors than "write" the code. I am not a Unix user but setting up the Android test environment and publishing was like getting hit in a minefield during every step of the process. Well, it was a good learning experience and I have some good stories to tell some other time.

The reason I made this app was because many times as a parent or coach you get bugged all the time by kids or people asking for scores, time left and other bits of information on the game. Many parks and recreation fields don't have scoreboards. They barely have enough resources to maintain the fields. I think this app will be of help to the world of soccer at all levels. (If you have some ideas how I can market this to the rec soccer and club soccer world, I would love to hear about it.)

Anyway, I am happy to finish my project. There were so many times I just wanted to quit. I've had many support from this forum, the GameSalad developers, and from many sources around the Internet. Thanks everyone.

Real Cool Soft Apps man

Link to the Real Cool Soccer Scoreboard
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