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Not really announcing.

Here is some stuff I did today. I have a idea for a side and top view platform game. And this is where my brain is going to far. Again Im not a professional artist. I got alot of work to do.


  • mrpacogpmrpacogp Posts: 400Member
    Yes, but alot of childrens like that kind of graphics too
  • andrewm2211andrewm2211 Posts: 341Member
    @finnbog Sure the artwork isn't award winning, but I think its decent. It's technically sound and the style is consistent. I'm not a pro illustrator either and my game shaping up to look similar in quality, and I'm okay with it.

    I think when people run into trouble is when there stuff is incosistent, some things are poorly drawn, others are photgraphed textures, and they have a few elements that look really nice which they obviously bought off the market place. And times new roman font.

    This looks clean and tidy, best of luck!
  • FINNBOGGFINNBOGG Posts: 1,809Member
    I'llI wait and read what socks has to think. Haha. He is my over all critique.

  • SocksSocks London, UK.Posts: 12,822Member
    FINNBOGG said:

    I'llI wait and read what socks has to think. Haha. He is my over all critique.

    !! Lol !

    Seems I have got myself a reputation ! 8-X

    What kind of critique would you like ? You have a choice of three in descending order of honesty.

    1) Brutally Honest.
    2) Constructive criticism.
    3) Supportive / encouraging.
  • GraphicWarehouseGraphicWarehouse Posts: 927Member
    I'll start with what socks would have said if he were brutally honest. It looks like a third grade art project put into illustrator, no shade no personality just flat shapes with the ocasional gradient. Im sorry but if I saw your game in the app store I would scroll right past your app. Basil Murad works pretty cheap if you want an artist.
  • FINNBOGGFINNBOGG Posts: 1,809Member
    Socks give me all 3.

    MjM. Does he have a Skype name?
  • FINNBOGGFINNBOGG Posts: 1,809Member
    I am learning. I am watching as many video tutorials I can. Shading with gradients or shading with objects is something I'm still try into get a feel for.

    These are rough drafts after all.

    I'm happy for any criticism. I soak it in. But I won't be a pro over night.
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