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Sewage Leak Adventure - FREE For Today Only!

Hey Everyone,

We are offering our latest application which was released in December of last year FREE for today only! We encourage everyone to check it out and would be greatly appreciative if you could leave a review if you like the game. Let us know what you think here as well!

Sewage Leak Adventure (iPhone) -

Sewage Leak Adventure HD (iPad) -


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  • FINNBOGGFINNBOGG Posts: 1,809Member
    Im not one to critique someone elses work. Im not worthy. However I will ask did you beta test? It seems that your "Man" actors collision box is much bigger than the image itself. he is registering a hit when he doesnt seem to be close enough to register a hit.
  • MegapixelIdeasMegapixelIdeas Posts: 476Member, PRO
    Hey Finnbogg,

    We did beta test but this issue slipped through the cracks as well as couple other things. We are actively working on correcting these issues and they will be fixed in the next update along with many other improvements. This is the first large scale project that we have worked on and are still working out some kinks in our development system. We appreciate the feedback though, it is people like you who help make games great!
  • RPRP Posts: 1,990Member
    I'm going to be honest, perhaps brutally honest, but I think this needs to be said as I take issue when representation and intent smells funny.

    The issues that have been pointed out since your release are still in the game. These could have been addressed in a matter of minutes and resubmitted for a rapid update window. I'm not sure how this game qualifies as a "large scale project", when most people here on GameSalad could pop this out independently in about a couple days including the art.

    There seems to be a continuing theme with the usage of "we" as some sort of grandiose developer collective, furthermore describing yourself/yourselves as an "industry leader" being "highly regarded" while being "committed to excellence and shaping the future of the mobile gaming industry". Yet you can't do some simple tweaks and update the app?

    I think if you focus less on selling yourself in order to create a quality game and following through on your mission statement, you might get some of the regard you are seeking.

    If you need assistance on those tweaks just post the questions here of the forums.
  • MegapixelIdeasMegapixelIdeas Posts: 476Member, PRO
    Hey RP,

    Although this is not technically a large scale project it is the biggest project that we have undertaken. I realize that the updates can be tweaked in a few minutes and then resubmitted but we are working on not only fixing the bugs but adding improvements and new features to the game as well and want to release it all in one update. I appreciate the "brutal honesty" and am always open to taking new advice. As of currently I am a high school student and founded Megapixel Ideas LLC a little over a year ago. We as a company we will become an industry leader within the next few years but like anything it takes hard work, dedication and failure. Selling yourself is also a big aspect of selling iPhone Applications, although an application may not be the best, if sold correctly it can be a success. Again I appreciate the honesty, and thus far as a company we are still building a solid base and being a Highschool student currently, things take longer. If there is one thing that you should remember though, it is that we will be an industry leader within the next 5-8 years and that we always stive to develop the best quality products possible to our abilities.
  • FINNBOGGFINNBOGG Posts: 1,809Member
    ....................................................................." distant sound of crickets churping".........................................
  • MegapixelIdeasMegapixelIdeas Posts: 476Member, PRO
    Is that an insult Finnbogg?
  • FINNBOGGFINNBOGG Posts: 1,809Member
    edited January 2013
    Nope.. not really......... more along the lines of..... I dont want to hear the pain..... just show us the baby. Like I said in a previous statement. I am not worthy to critique anyones' work. But I do feel that when you were ready to submit this app to apple. That you weren't "truly" ready for submission. As you state there are some issues that needed attending to. Plus you mention that you want to add other features. So what happened? Where you in a rush to get the app out there? I think a good rule of thumb is this. When you feel you are ready to submit and the app is polished. Stop and see if it can be polished again. Rinse and repeat this till youre 100% satisified. Adding this to your standard operating procedures, will assist you in becoming the industry leader.
  • ElfizmElfizm Posts: 489Member
    Good luck with your sales.
    Just a question though. Is there more then one person in partner with you and your company?
    Otherwise it's easier just to say I instead of we instead of switching between the two.

    Eg, we understand and i will fix them up and working hard on it but we ran into some errors that I cant fix. Although I am nearly done with my first game, we are very pleased the way it turned out.

    Sounds unprofessional. Keep it as I or we, not both together. :)
    All the best

  • MegapixelIdeasMegapixelIdeas Posts: 476Member, PRO
    Thanks for the advice Finnbogg but I somewhat disagree. From a marketing and product promotion point of view, releasing subsequent updates for an application is better than making a final product and never updating it. I am not saying you should make a crappy application but it is alright to leave out a few features. Look at the iPad Mini for example, they could have put a retina diaplay in the device right away but they didn't so that they could make it "even better" in the next update. If you are interested to know, yes we were on a time crunch for Sewage Leak Adventure to release it before Christmas.
  • MegapixelIdeasMegapixelIdeas Posts: 476Member, PRO

    Technically it is just myself "employed" by the company now (I am the founder) but I hire private contractors as of now so by saying we I am referring to myself and the people I hire on a per project basis. The reason I have switched my wording is because some of the stuff, I have worked on solely by myself and other things I have hired people to do. I hope this makes sense.
  • FINNBOGGFINNBOGG Posts: 1,809Member
    "We did beta test but this issue slipped through the cracks as well as couple other things"

    The more you beta test and attempt to polish it up before release. The more issues you find and fix. Yes new features is greate for future updates. But I downloaded your game and with in 15 secs I saw the issue of your hero actor taking hits when visually he wasnt anywhere close to the bad guy actors. I saw this in less than 15 secs. I was only trying to suggest that you beta test a lil longer and when you think its ready. Tell yourself there is a problem and try to find it.. Then when you are satisified... submit.

    It looks like it could be a funn game.
  • MegapixelIdeasMegapixelIdeas Posts: 476Member, PRO
    We figured it was good enough for release. At this point it is just the base of a great game. We will continue to improve it with updates and make it into something great. With every milestone comes a learning experience. Possibly in the future we will ask volunteers in the Gamesalad community to beta test the application and find issues that we did not find.
  • anatomyofdreamsanatomyofdreams Posts: 723Member
    edited January 2013
    Dear Bill Gates... I mean @megapixelideas, the first step to becoming this incredible, revolutionary, innovator of technology, is to have the foresight to realize that an enemy hitting 87.9 thousand yards away from your character is NOT good game design. Another step in becoming the world's biggest global leader of planets and solar systems, is to hire a better beta team to catch such an obvious and glaring error. Or perhaps just a beta team that has the ability to see (aka not legally blind). Another tip to the future ruler of the next phase of human evolution (human 2.0) is that good leaders don't keep telling everyone how great a leader they are. The mark of a great leader is one that the people champion as leader. For instance you don't see me parading around saying "im the greatest fart king of them all!" No, because its the people laying in the wake of my putrid gas that have clearly cast their vote for me. Point is, the people will call you the great innovator WHEN you've actually created a great innovation.
    It sounds like you read an article in Forbes magazine and practiced taking cover photos for it. Be careful how you pitch yourself, because if you're not delivering what you're claiming- you're going to have people like me, people like @RP, etc. questioning your moves.
    So a little suggestion. Maybe you and the other you's that make up your "we" should focus on solid game design before you call yourself the next Jonathon Blow (google him if you don't know who he is).
    You're in high school. I admire your moxy and determination, but be careful not to alienate your crowd. It looks like you've got a decent product here in the future. But it needs work now. Lots of work. What it will be in the future can't be determined until you make it so. And i'll say the same about your global leadership. Focus on the now.
    And who knows, if you work really hard at perfecting it, maybe you will in fact be the next steve jobs.
    Good luck. I admire you taking the shots and rolling with them. Thats half the journey right there.

    PS- you have an incredible logo. Really nice work there! :)
  • MegapixelIdeasMegapixelIdeas Posts: 476Member, PRO

    You have some very good points here. Thank you for your insight. In regards to our logo, thanks as well :)
  • SearleSamaSearleSama Posts: 108Member
    you got a great attitude bro, even under these harsh critiques. Keep up the hard work man.
  • prince.studiosprince.studios Posts: 77Member
    edited January 2013
    hey man great game i played it and it rally got my mind im thinking of it all the time even when im a sleep :)) keep it up and i followed you on twitter
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