Super Smash Ants on Amazon/Google Play

My 16-bit inspired game Super Smash Ants is now on Amazon and Google Play (coming to Nook and iOS soon too). The soundtrack was produced by 4 amazing chiptune artists and it rocks! It has single and multiplayer modes and isn't just your typical bug smasher game. In single player mode there's an army of ants attacking your cupcake and you have to stop them from tearing it apart and dragging the pieces back to their nest. In 2 player mode you each have an anthill and try to kill only your ants. Of coarse they start mingling and it becomes a game of finger twister. Also power ups or mess ups appear on the playing field throughout a match and you have to drag powerups to your side or messups to the opponents side (their ability extractor). Some abilities include frenzy, slow, big ant, and ant cannon.

I hope you check it out and have fun! Let me know if you have any suggestions too.


Google Play:




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