some iPhone 4.0 OS features...

rdcuberdcube Member Posts: 361
Multitasking, folders, iBooks, GameKit, iAd (would be great if GS integrates this).
These are just some of the over 100 user features, and over 1500 new developer APIs in iPhone 4.

The bad sort of news, is only for 3GS, iPod 2nd gen, and iPad.

Question to Steve: Any change in Apple position on Flash and Java?
Steve: No.

I thinks this is a great update...can't wait to have it ;~)

edit: here's a link if you wanna see some screenshots:


  • iDeveloperziDeveloperz Member Posts: 1,169
    What do you mean its only for 3GS?

    Im downloading it now for my 3G?
  • VmlwebVmlweb Member Posts: 427
    iPhone Developers Page
    You need to agree to the long bit of text that nobody reads then the download should appear under the iPhone SDK Beta 4 tab
  • haim96haim96 Member Posts: 87
    OS4 is for all devices but older devices like 3G wan't run multi task and other features...

    I wish they would have added a widget screen. so i could see mail, twitter, RSS etc on one screen
    together with the search line for example...
  • iDeveloperziDeveloperz Member Posts: 1,169
    I know its sweet!

    Cant wait till they announce the new hardware!

  • VmlwebVmlweb Member Posts: 427
    I have exactly 180 apps on my phone and I was waiting for this
  • BeyondtheTechBeyondtheTech Member Posts: 809
    It's hella slow when you click on the Apps tab for your iPhone in iTunes, and I only have 700 apps in my Mobile Applications folder, though only 50 installed on my iPhone at a given time. Imagine having to deal with 2000?!
  • haim96haim96 Member Posts: 87
    funny thing is that all these "new" main features was already exist on jailbreak devices!
    and that include multitasking, folders, background image and book reader...
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