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Marketplace Content Creation Question

RexCarsalotRexCarsalot Posts: 96Member
Hello all. I'm a CG artist, new to the Gamesalad Forums, and I am interested in creating content, (actors, animations, backgrounds etc.) for the GS marketplace. I've been perusing the forums for weeks now, reading up on images sizes, how GS displays the images and so forth (lots of great information there) but none of my searches has turned up any solid "guidelines" regarding the best way to create images for OTHERS to use across a variety of projects.

Specifically, I would like to know if anyone has any advice on how best to render and package images so they provide the most value to the biggest audience. Assuming creating massive images of a variety of sizes are no problem, (24 or 8 bit, 72 dpi) what's the best way to go? If I provide a kit, with a variety of resources, I would like individuals targeting both retina displays and smaller, non-retina devices to get maximum use, without having to worry about sizing up losing image quality.

Maybe a better question might be, if you were interested in purchasing such a resource kit, what would you want/expect to see in terms of images sizes if you were producing a game for a retina device? Also, does anyone know if there is a limit to the size of individual "packages?" With the massive, multiple resources packages currently offered, I'm assuming not.

Of course, such guidelines may be provided by the GS team once images are approved for submission, but I'd rather have my ducks in a row first before sending somethings off. As far at that goes, I am aware of the 1MB limit GS requires for 1st time submissions.


Dave H
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