GameSalad crashes with no audio device? Windows version

PixelMetalPixelMetal Member Posts: 283
edited January 2013 in Working with GS (Mac)
I have outboard sound gear that I use for my day job, but had to drag my home machine into the office to deal with some client stuff. Because none of I need to do is sound-related, I left my outboard audio stuff at home (Turtle Beach/M-Audio/Echo rack-mount sound devices). My Windows machine has no on-board sound (for various technical reasons), and while GS works when editing, I can't run the project as it crashes immediately, and based on Windows error logs it's because GS is not, well, let's call it "gracefully" trying to reach non-existent audio hardware, and doesn't seem to know what to do when such hardware doesn't exist.

Maybe some kind of error management & checking would be good? Just a suggestion. Also submitting this as a bug.

Addition: It also crashes when there's multiple sound devices to choose from and the default device is set to a device that is not plugged in, while it should auto-default to one of the available devices - which all other software I'm running seems to do, and it wasn't until GS crashed again with one of many potential audio devices plugged in that I looked to check the default audio device.
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