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So I am making a trivia game in that shows a picture and gives 4 answer choices. I am using tables to store the data and to call upon the pictures all off that part is working fine. I am planning on making hundreds of pictures so this wont be a terrible thing, but the issue I am running into now is that during one round as many as 50 questions can come up and I do not want the same question to come up more than once in that round. How would I go about doing this? I watch tshirtbooths video about non-repeat tables but that involved deleting rows and i need to keep the rows because after the round is over it needs to use all of the rows in the table again. So in summary, how do I make it not repeat a question in the same round (while not editing the main table) and then reset what has been used when the round is over?

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    Copy the table so you have two, A & B.

    Using A, delete the rows as the questions are 'used up'.

    When the round is over, copy table B to table A.
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    Have a main table called master. Then at the start of each round copy that table to your other table and then delete the cell process.

    Just make sure you copy the table over whenever you need all questions.

    All the best

    Edit: Oh I see @socks already helped, my bad!
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    Thanks so much! I totally didn't even realize copy table was a behavior... Works great!
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