Annoying white square on my game

jerlant360jerlant360 Member Posts: 82
edited January 2013 in Working with GS (Mac)
When i preview my app on gs creator i saw white square in one of my scenes i didn't give importance but now the square still appears on my .app file

What can i do to solved this annoying bug?



  • ElfizmElfizm Member Posts: 489
    You sure it just isnt a white actor that is placed there by mistake or getting spawned because i don't like telling people but that happen to me and I was frustrated for days
  • jerlant360jerlant360 Member Posts: 82
    @Elfizm yes i'm sure, i've heard about this bug before and is frustrating :/

    Thanks dude
  • sparkaniasparkania Member, PRO Posts: 300
    are you talking about a full Square or just a white outline?
  • RD2012RD2012 Member, PRO Posts: 45
    Sometimes that happens if you have competing rules assigned to that actor that are incompatible.
  • jerlant360jerlant360 Member Posts: 82
    @sparkania a full square on the low part of the scene

    @RD2012 Thanks dude i will take a look to my rules again to see if there are something wrong
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