Tips and advice from artist thanks :)


Well I began designing art for my game on paper because i am better then that then doing it on computer.

I have the designs of the levels and how things should look.

So how when you start from scratch, talking about on computer now, do you sort of outline everything in black like I do and have the outlined of the design and fix that up before you go into it and add the detail and colour.
Or is there a better way to do a design ect or something you found to be easy.

Well of course people do things different ways and I hadnt taken computer art that seriously but now it's got to be neat and tidy.
Any tips or methods.


  • sparkaniasparkania Member, PRO Posts: 300
    I use SwishMax, 3DS Max, Corel and (yes) Powerpoint to do my art. Typically I draw my stuff out on paper too. Then I Scan that image in and import it to one of those programs, lock the scanned image (so it don't bug me every time I mis-click) and get to work. If I am doing something Not so detail intense, then I start with simple rectangles and circles on the screen to get my pose right.

    When it comes to coloring and details, first you should decide what depth you want to go. Just Fill - Outlines with solid colors, or Block Shaded - solid fills with solid highlights and shadows, or Realistic - color shaded fills.

    I tend to do Block Shaded. It gives a clean animated look.

    First I do all of my outlines. and get my objects layered correctly. then make a Copy of that whole image and put it off to the side. Then do all of my shading on the first image and REMOVE all of the outlines. Then go to the copied image and remove all of the fills so that only the outlines remain. Then I place the outlines over the shaded image for a clean finish.
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