Windows 8 ad hoc testing on both windows 8 and tablets

Hi, I recently found Game Salad after looking for a tool to work on a game idea I have. After looking around information specific to windows is a bit sparse in terms of publishing or ad hoc testing. The site seems to just explain how to target android. I have 2 questions.

First, is it possible to ad hoc test my game on Windows 8(not just the viewer) and more specifically a Windows RT tablet to verify performance and touch input is behaving correctly? If this is possible does it require a pro subscription just to do ad hoc testing? I would hate to sink in 300 dollars just to find out the game performs bad on a resource restricted device or just to make sure the touch input works as expected.

Second, the Windows 8 section of the Game Salad site touts scalability to various devices ranging from large monitor desktops, laptops, and tablets. How is the screen size handled when loaded on to various devices? For example, if I made my game at lower resolution will is stretch to fill in a large 1920x1080 monitor? Or the other way around, if I designed it for the largest possible monitor would is scale down to fit lower resolutions?

Game Salad looks like a powerful tool but if I have no way of testing actual devices without first paying a large chunk of money I'm not sure if I want to take that risk.


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