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new vocal asset: win and lose library

bosonebosone Posts: 56Member
I have just released my new asset: it is called "win and lose library vol.1 - vocals", a collection of vocal shots especially suited for simple and quick platform games, web games, puzzle games etc. It's divided into two sections: WIN and LOOSE. You get speech and expressions tailored for the successful game/level ending and for failure events and mistakes. There are a total of 83 words and expressions for win and lose events in high quality wav format, production-ready to be inserted in your game without any processing. You only have to lower the volume to the level needed.

listen to the content of the asset here:

and find it here for 9.99$ :

check also my other music on the marketplace:

I have a lot of interesting stuff, including short metal clips, metal loops, and great music for fantasy games! :)
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