New PPI network for iOS, Mac and Android

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Hi guys!
Long time no see. I hope everybody is doing well.
Here again to help fellow developers with a tip, how to market your apps.

(redacted) the beloved free site for giving away promo codes has changed its profile.

Together with its sister site (redacted) they will get your app the needed exposure by downloads, reviews, Facebook likes and Twitter follows.

The first 100 apps get a discount!
You get the whole package for as low as $0.80 / user (extra costs may occur).

We already added our apps.
It's for iPhone, iPad, Mac and even Android apps!


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    Hey! Glad to see you back! How much exposure per day would the apps get?

  • HunnenkoenigHunnenkoenig Member Posts: 1,173
    We are starting to convert old promodispenser users.
    We hope that in the coming weeks we reach a few thousand users again.

    The site runs a 14 days promotion. Users can "register" for an app and if you ordered 100 units and 100 users registered, the promotion is over and you get your actions within 24 hours for paid apps.

    For free apps the promotion is ongoing.

    If you get enough users in one day, then it is over in 1 day. If you get the desired number in 14 days then it is over in 14 days.

    The action takes place after the promotion is over and happens within 24 hours so you get the most of it.

    I hope I could explain it right :-)
    It sounds complicated, but it isn'T really.
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    Ok, I think I understand now. So your apps stays promoted until it gets the correct number of downloads, correct?

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    edited February 2013
    If you didn't get the desired number, you can chose if you
    1. abort the whole thing and get your money back
    2. go with the number of users who "registered"

    You can of course rerun your promotion if you want to try again without paying a second time.

    100 units are the minimum to start the promotion with.

    None the less, how the outcome was, your app stays on the site for free.
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