Help making a fluid animation...

I've just drawn in paper my sequences for an animation of my character however, even though they are pretty much identical they are not 100% identical on paper, now I'm skilled in Photoshop and when painted they will look better (I hope) yet, how much alike should they look so that the animation looks like one character and not a series of different drawings?

I hope I made my question clear :/ ...Help please.


  • RPRP Member Posts: 1,990
    When you bring your hand drawn animations in, put it all in the same photoshop file/canvas. Put the character animation sequences/frames into separate layers. You can alight them on top of one another as well as compare the movement, size, shape and positioning and you can make tweaks as you go. When you are done, just export/save those individual layers.
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    You probably need to run a few little experiments to see what suits your needs, before doing the final Photoshop work.
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