My first utility app!

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I know this isn't directly related to Gamesalad, but I think that it could interest you.
After using GameSalad for over 1 year, I began to learn Xcode around 6 months ago and some days ago I finally released my first app made with real code!
It is a simple app but useful in some cases. In the app there are the emergency phone numbers of over 130 countries (Police, fire, ambulance) and if you need help you can call directly from the app. It is completely FREE and available for iPhone. Here is the link:

and some screenshots:

I would love to have some feedback by you, and if you go and download it and maybe leave a review, this will be very appreciated!

Thanks all and have a good day


  • DanielDoeDanielDoe Member Posts: 307
    Works great, and it really feels that this is xcode native. Where do you take the data from? The numbers in Poland are still valid, but now the official emergency number is 112 as in all EU.
  • patapplepatapple Member Posts: 873
    I took all the numbers from a complete list on Wikipedia. I know some numbers are wrong and I have already submitted an update :)
    In the next version there will be a system to directly send a bug report from the app :D
  • patapplepatapple Member Posts: 873
    Any other feedback guys? ;)
  • SocksSocks London, UK.Member Posts: 12,822
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    Any other feedback guys? ;)
    Impressive stuff and useful too.

    My one suggestion, is there a way to auto detect your location?
  • PBEmpirePBEmpire Member Posts: 676

    did you have any programming knowledge before making this app? If not how long did it take for you to get the basic lines of code correct?
  • aaronforsteraaronforster Member Posts: 28
    It's a simple idea but they can often be the best. I think it'd be a great thing to have on your phone if you were travelling.
  • patapplepatapple Member Posts: 873
    @Socks Thanks! Is there an easy way to detect the position of the user, but then I think there is a pretty complicated system to detect from the coordinates the exact country. Will look into this because it could be a cool feature :)

    @gsrockz No, all started with GameSalad and then I learn all myself. I did some months of practice and then I developed this simple app in no more than some effective days of hard work ;)

    @aaronforster Thanks :)
  • patapplepatapple Member Posts: 873
    @Socks Juts discovered and implemented that is pretty easy to create this feature. It will be in the next update thanks to you :D
  • patapplepatapple Member Posts: 873
    @Socks thanks to your advice, I implemented the new feature and the update is now out. I have also added the possibility to share through iMessage, email, Facebook and Twitter the emergency phone numbers.
    I am now working on a complete redesign of the app!
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