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App in Memory of Wife's Grandfather

dotsonj23dotsonj23 Posts: 316Member
Last week my wife's grandfather passed away. To make matters worse out camera with the last 6 months of photos was stolen the weekend before. Of course it had all our photos during that time of our kids with her Grandfather, including what ended up being our last visit with him a week before he passed away. My wife was devastated.

In any event, the funeral was on Friday, so on Wednesday I decided I would make an app in his memory. I knew it could not replace her loss (or the loss of the photos) but thought it might help a little.

I started with some pretty grand ideas, but cause I have a full time job and could only manage to stay up until 4 a.m. on Wed. And Thurs. I had to scale back substantially cause it took me forever to find the right photos out of tens of thousands of photos in iPhoto and to create some custom images, and create a soundtrack.

It ended up being a nice slideshow of 100 retina iPad photos/custom images, with a 10 minute looping soundtrack. The file size was over 1/2 gig, so I was pretty nervousness it would crash. But it ran smooth as butter. I didn't have time to do an Ad Hoc so I loaded into the viewer, which took about 30 mins. Now it takes about 15 seconds to start (preload images is turned off; so I am guessing its the soundtrack that takes a while to load).

In any event, my wife loved it, which was the most important thing. And although trivial, I had a fun time making it in GS, even though I could have done almost everything I did in much less time had I done it in iMovie. But I am glad I did it in GS because when I have time I am going to make it a random non repeating slideshow, with the option to pause, manually change images by swipe, view thumbnails, and a couple other neat features I had originally planned.

I would love it if we eventually get access to the camera roll or photos cause then you could create a non static app that could be customized by the user by importing images. Just a suggestion.


  • deadlightsdeadlights Posts: 235Member, PRO
    What you did for your wife is very touching & thoughtful. I recently lost someone as well and I know the importance of having photos to remind you of the good times.
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