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Dung Runner *Escape with your Dung!!!* -My latest Project

IncinIncin Posts: 40Member
edited February 2013 in Non-GS Game News
Hey guys it has been awhile since i've posted anything on here, but I do lurk in the forums a lot...and I mean a lot. I spend a lot of my time when I am not making apps reading through the Gamesalad forums. It's not often that you find a community like Gamesalad has. With that being said I would like to show everyone what I have been up too. I recently released Dung Runner. It was coded in a programming language, but I must say there is nothing that compares to Gamesalad's usability and workflow. It's a remarkable tool and I have used it for a few apps. With that being said I will be picking up a Pro account and making my apps in Gamesalad again as soon as that Native engine is out. :) I look forward to my Gamesalad return, but here is my latest app. I would love to hear the Gamesalad's Community feedback. :) As Always I appreciate any downloads and ratings you leave on the store. :)

Dung Runner

Larry has always been forced to do the will of other beetles. This must change! He is tired of it and has decided to escape... with his dung of course! Help Larry run to freedom in this unique endless runner game. Throw spears, dodge spikes, and do much more for your quest to grow Larry's Dung and escape the pursuing beetles! Download now and see how big your dung can get.

- Addicting endless running action!
-The ability to toss incoming spears back and slay your enemies.
- Grow your Dung as you run!
- Dungrade shop that can be used to purchase upgrades for Larry.
- Best of all the app will be releasing as FREE.
- Spear storms and other obstacles
- And much MORE!



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