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Help to Look Out for Nicholas Seah

Slayre77Slayre77 Posts: 115Member, PRO
Hi could u all help me , if anyone sees Nicholas Seah posting anything or doing something plz tell me im trying to contact him.
Few years ago he got featured in my local newspaper (hes from same country as me) so i went and dwnlded his game, and the gamesalad screen came out at the beginning and thats how i knew abt gamesalad. I tried using gs but ofc failed then gave up. Recently i checked him up again snd decided to give gs another try, and i wanna contact him bc i hav alot of questions to ask him thanks :)

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  • DepressedPandaDepressedPanda Posts: 215Member
    I don't know who Nicholas Seah is... but you could most likely ask the same questions and get the same (if not better) answers from the GameSalad community. We're a bunch of smart fellas here. Just an idea.

    Welcome back to GameSalad!
  • NicholasSeahNicholasSeah Posts: 68Member
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