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Purchase problem

Hi to all,
i purchased 24 hours ago on MarketPlace, 2 items.
Now these 2 items are still in "Processing Payment" status!?
What mean that? My card has been charged few seconds after payment (24 hours ago).
I'm doing wrong something?
I have tried to contact GS support but no one reply me.
Please let me know (this is my 1st purchase in MarketPlace).



  • LordNastyLordNasty Posts: 18Member, PRO
    i have received this response .. sorry but is that a response about my problem?


    Thank you for contacting GameSalad Customer Support!

    Our support queue is monitored during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm, Central Time. (-6GMT)

    Please note that support inquiries submitted may see a delay in response due to backlog from the holiday break. Be sure to check out our other online resources:
    - Cookbook (
    - the GameSalad Forums (
    - our YouTube channel ()

    We appreciate your patience and apologize for any additional delay!

    Thank you for using GameSalad!

    -The GameSalad Team
  • LordNastyLordNasty Posts: 18Member, PRO
    Please @SaladStraightShooter can you resolve me this problem?
    I have always "Processing Payment" in my purchased area.
    But if i buy other items on MarketPlace i need to wait all this time?
    If you need i can send you UltimatePay payment email with some confirm codes.
    Please let me know about.
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