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Problem with image scene

innerominnerom Posts: 11Member
Hi, i'm new user...i ask you a question.
Why when i convert with gamesalad my application the image into the scene disappear??
Waht's wrong?

thank for all


  • JCFordJCFord Posts: 785Member
    Hi Innerom

    You will need to be a bit clearer as to what is happening to your image?
    Do you mean when you make it into an app on the iphone that the image is white, or is it another issue?
  • innerominnerom Posts: 11Member
    when I open the app created by me gamesalad not see images previously uploaded scenes, but image appears white and purple, marked "File Not Found"

    help me please!!
  • cmasterenkocmasterenko Posts: 52Member
    Try to reload your images under the images tab below your actors and redrag it onto the actor above or redrag it into the scene.
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