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How do you make a character.

I am drawing my characters for my games on SketchBookExpress. How do you make your own character from scratch so you can make the rest of your canvas translucent? Is there like a art soft wear that has this capability? Thank you.


  • DanjinkiesDanjinkies Posts: 13Member, PRO
    Yes, I use Adobe illustrator and sometimes photoshop for my art usually there would be an option to save your images with a transparent background. I'm not sure if SketchBookExpress provides you with that function. However, I've read that SketchBookPro does. You may want to try looking at GIMP or Inkscape both of which I believe are free softwares. Hope that helps good luck!
  • lycettebroslycettebros Posts: 1,598Member, PRO
    Lots of hard work.
  • contrasthallcontrasthall Posts: 131Member
    anime studio
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