Sorry Guys!! Gimp Question!!!!

I keep on following the intructions about having all images divisible by 2 with tshirts tutorial about optimizing graphics.

I tried it and my graphics are still fuzzy. I tried to make a simple ramp with a 512 width and 128 height. I have also set in my graphics under actor to set xy fixed and that didn't work.

Here is what I do step-by-step. Tell me what I am missing please? I am using Windows Gimp version 2.8

1. Open Gimp
2. Create New
3. Set work area background to transperent in advanced and make sure pix/inch is set to 72
4. Set width 512 height 128 landscape. for my backgrounds I think ipad is set to 1024 x 768
5. Draw my image
6. first save as xcl which is Gimp format so I can edit later.
7. Export as .png with the following selected:
a. interlacing adam7 UNCHECKED
b. save background color CHECKED
c. save gamma UNCHECKED
d. save layer offset UNCHECKED
e. save resolution CHECKED
f. save creation time CHECKED
g. save comment CHECKED
h. Save color values from transperent pixels CHECKED
i. compression level set to 9

Is my problem with how I am exporting the .png or is there a setting while I am drawing that I have to have to make it work. Also I thought I read in another forum that there might be an image independence setting within gimp also that I have to check that will make my graphics more crisp.

Sorry for the rookie questions.

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  • MPCavMPCav Posts: 81
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    Hmm it's a PNG. When working properly, PNG should be loss less compression. I have had an issue with blurry graphics myself, when my iPhone game is running in Overscan mode on my iPad 2. I fixed it by simply doubling the graphics resolution as I figured that Gamesalad may be down scaling the graphics to ensure compatibility with the retina display iPads. I was correct, and this worked. You could try the same.. I know it's not optimized at double res (4x the size in fact) but it will however answer a few questions as to what is at fault.


  • SolarPepperStudiosSolarPepperStudios Member Posts: 754
    Try turning down the compression levels. That usually is for browsers and streaming so that your file isn't so big, but it also (usually) takes away quality. Try that and then post what happens.
  • nep2008nep2008 Member Posts: 16
    I turned down the compression to 5 on my simple sketch and it still seems to be blurry
  • SolarPepperStudiosSolarPepperStudios Member Posts: 754
    Try it without any compression and tell me how it looks plus how big the file is. If it is still blurry then please tell me what resolution the image is. :D
  • nep2008nep2008 Member Posts: 16
    Still looks blurry with compression at 0. 512w 128 h size is 256kb.
  • SolarPepperStudiosSolarPepperStudios Member Posts: 754
    hmm are you resizing it at all in the game or are you simply dragging it into the scene at it's original height and width?
  • nep2008nep2008 Member Posts: 16
    I am just dragging into the scene. I have under the actor vertical and horizontal wrap set to fixed and blending mode set to normal. vertical anchor set to center. Is there a setting in gs to make sure that the background color doesn't bleed into my image? If so where is it and I will see if that helps.
  • 8bitninja8bitninja Member Posts: 367
    1. Create images for iPad retina resolution which is 2048 x 1536
    2. Make images divisible by 4
    3. In Gamesalad, under the Project info tab make sure Resolution independence is checked.
  • nep2008nep2008 Member Posts: 16
    Okay that answered part of it. If I set the image in gimp to 2048 x 1536 when I bring it into gs will i be able to resize it to fit without making it blurry. also the image that came over was at 12mb is there a way to fix that or is that just how it's going to be with that size image?

    Thank you both for spending time on this with me.
  • SolarPepperStudiosSolarPepperStudios Member Posts: 754
    To fix the size of the file, I believe has a tool on his website for free that compresses the image without quality loss.
  • nep2008nep2008 Member Posts: 16
    Thank you for the help. when I tried to resize the new image that was 2048 x 1536 in gs to scale it down it still made it blurry and I think the background color of my scene is bleeding into my image. Is there a fix for that? Do you know which tool it is. Again I'm sorry I am completely brand new to all of this.
  • nep2008nep2008 Member Posts: 16
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