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Thank you Gamesalad

NmdogdudeNmdogdude Posts: 174Member
Last February, after searching/try to see if I could learn coding, I discovered Gamesalad. I went into this thinking that I could easily make an entire functional game in a weekend,and put it on the iTunes store, and boy was I wrong. I had no idea how costly/time consuming it could be (ie: getting enough money for a used Mac (it was only on Mac at the time), Apple Developer license, making characters, animating them, and figuring out GS's logic. With assistance from many members of the community, I released my first app/game a week after graduating high school.

Between finding a part-time job, helping my parent's business, and prepping for college, I had very little time for development. After finishing my first semester in December, I decided that college should be a priority because it's alot more stable career as a teacher, than leaving my salary in the hands of customers, (Also because college has taken up most of my time). As my Developer License is expiring in 2 weeks, I will be putting my game development career on hold to focus on my education. I will be returning as soon as I have enough time to.

Thank you Gamesalad for showing me that it is entirely possible to make a game with no coding experience (but that does help lol). Currently I have 687 downloads, so I know it is entirely possible to make a living of app development, but that's just not reliable enough for me at the moment.

Again, many thanks to Gamesalad, and it's many amazing users for helping to make my dreams possible.



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