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What Art Assets Would You Like to See on the Marketplace?

basil81basil81 Posts: 103PRO
I've been thinking about creating some art packs I can sell and was interested to know what people are looking for. Besides what's included in the poll, feel free to chime in with options I didn't include.

To explain the options a bit, each of them would be designed so that they can match any theme you might have in mind, and cover a broad set of styles, and be completely modular. So for example, if you want a sky, I'd provide you with all the pieces you'll need, in maybe 2 distinct styles (cartoony, realistic, for example) or more depending on trends (silhoutte perhaps) so that you can put the scene together yourself in your favorite image editor. Same applies to the character, and I'm thinking about also including a system where you can animate your characters based on keyframes I'd provide. Basically I'm looking to create a comprehensively customizable set that can be used for almost any project, that can be easily taken apart to create all sorts of combinations easily.

The options below are basically a starting point, so I'll be looking forward to seeing what else I didn't think of. Cheers!


What Art Assets Would You Like to See on the Marketplace? 6 votes

Background Elements
beefy_clyroBraydon_SFX 2 votes
Character Elements
SolarPepperStudiosmounted88T0bsom 3 votes
Buttons and Icons
Custom Made Fonts
Zenith_Gameworks 1 vote
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