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What is the best way to make an 8bit logo for your game?

I am working on the title screen for my game, and I cannot use the website I am using ( for the sprites to make the logo, because there are not enough pixels to do the whole picture. I need a way to make the image as large as it needs to be, but have it still be 8bit.

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  • mounted88mounted88 Posts: 1,113Member
    Actually I found paintbrush on windows to be very easy for 8bit art. You can set the canvas to what you need and paint pixel by pixel. Hope this helps :D

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  • TheGabfatherTheGabfather Posts: 633Member
    edited March 2013
    One way to do it is to work with a relatively small document in Photoshop (I like to use 50x50 at 72dpi) and to use the Pencil and Eraser tools set to 1px at 100% hardness. To simplify things, make sure to workout your keyboard shortcuts, have your Navigator tab open, and prepare your Color Swatches appropriately so Photoshop will start feeling more like a pixel editor at this point. And zoom-in as much as you can until you see the pixels of your canvas.

    Once you're done, save a copy of that "raw" .psd file, then scale up your Image Size to a much larger dimension, and make sure to tick Resample Image and set it to Nearest Neighbor so you won't have blurry edges.

    And there you have it! 8bit pixel art, at any size you want :) What I like to do is to scale it up a lot then make it a Smart Object so it becomes pseudo vector (so long as you're scaling down from this point on).

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  • ADSentertainmentADSentertainment Posts: 397Member
    I always use photoshop and make it pixel by pixel. My logo isn't pixel by pixel obviously, but a lot of the sprites I have for my games are.

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  • blorschblorsch Posts: 248Member
    I use paintbrush for mac.
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