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Nintendo Web Framework

CircleTimeCircleTime Posts: 84Member
Wait!!! Dose this mean we can use Gamesalad + HTML5 to develop for Wii U??? Please help me understand the implications of this. Sincerest thanks for your thoughts. Wow, maybe I wont have to learn Unity after all! ;)

"Now, this is really big news. Soon, web developers will be able to use HTML, JavaScript or CSS to create applications – and even games – for the Wii U. There’s support for the GamePad, Wiimotes and video playback built in, so some really cool multi-screen stuff could be created with this development environment, dubbed Nintendo Web Framework."


  • ShmirlyWhirlShmirlyWhirl Posts: 189Member
    Granted I have not read the article, but I know the only HTML5 version of your game is hosted in GameSalad's arcade. You can only post it on other websites via their embed plugin.
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