Multiple languages - anyone tried this yet?

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A month ago I was getting nearly 1000 DLs per day from france and switzerland of XMB Lite and in the first week of the full version being out I have not had a single DL from either of those countries. In fact very few from any non-english speaking countries. So I just updated both versions with a few minor changes and included french as a second language. I went to a web site called babel fish that will translate enitre blocks of text into a number of different languages. I am hoping that telling French speaking people in french that the full version of XMB is out will make a difference. Anyone tried this approach?


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    No, I just filter them to certain countries. I might think of it as a possibility though. :)
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    "I went to a web site called babel fish that will translate enitre blocks of text into a number of different languages. "

    Oh my god. Is babel fish something like Google Translate? Please don't do that. This will never replace a good translator. I think people either want proper translated apps or apps that are not translated at all. But nothing in between.
    I bet here are guys from different nations on the board. I'm sure some people are willing to help you to translate your app.
  • I haven't done anything to the actual app itself - just the description that is shown in iTunes. Do you think it is worse for someone to get an update with a description they can't read or a description that is poorly translated into their own language? (not a rhetorical question)

    I just thought it was weird that thousands of french speaking people likely got the update and not a single one has bought the full version. I guess it is entirely possible that they all hated the game, but you'd think there would be one person in the french speaking world that would give it a try after hearing about the release of the full version in the lite version update description.

    Anyone tried this?
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    Oh crap! I used the wrong log-in ID - my carefully crafted cover has been blown!
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    @cap: Google Translate is much more accurate than BableFish in most cases. But I agree that neither can produce results comparable to a capable human translator.

    @SteakKnivesForSciTunes: OMG, scitunes totally hax0red your account!

    @scitunes: just kidding! ;)

    As far as description translations, I'd prefer to have both the original language description and an English translation (even a computer-generated one). If there's a mis-translated idiom, for instance, I could then figure out where in the original the phrase occurred, and get a better translation for it. And for non-roman alphabets/orthographies for languages I don't know, a goofy English translation is definitely better than my utter incomprehension of the original text. ^_^
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    So in the french version have both french (as translated by the internet) and english?
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    surely got to be worth it, if you've already got a succesful english game, something in French, German, Spanish, would probably pay for the effort eventually even if only a few sales.

    That being said....could I be bothered to do it....probably not...but maybe one sunny Spanish speaking day I might.
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    De rien. ;) (j'espere que les smilies veulent dire la meme en les deux langues!)

    No prob. ;) (I hope smilies are the same in French and English!)

    (Thinking about it: I'd put the French first, then the original English description below. That way, the French description would be the first thing they'd see on the iTunes page.)
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    Until GS provide us (maybe only pros) with a localization option (pretty please) the only way is to upload the same app with translated texts only on that country.

    While this may seem a pain it could actually help getting more visibility. Obviously translation must be good.


    Day 1: My untranslated-only-english app goes on sale worldwide. If I'm lucky I'm on first page and get some sales.

    Day 15: Sales start dropping in one country (p.e. Italy). I start to prepare the same app changing only the texts in italian.

    Day 30: My italian-translated app goes on sale. On iTunes connect I change the original app by unchecking the italian availability and on my new app I make sure it's available only in Italy. And magically my app it's again on Italy new release first page.

    Repeat those steps for any country you want.

    Results: You get to be on first page again resulting in more sales.

    Attention: remeber to leave the app title as it is (maybe adding a space or a "Italian Version/Edition")

    I haven't done this yet but I know many devs do it (even EA that has an internatinal version of its apps).


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    thanks for the advice. I just added the english below the french. let's see if this works

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    I am fluent in Japanese and have actually put some effort into selling there. It is about 20% of the sales.
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