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AdamgoproAdamgopro Posts: 310Member
edited March 2013 in Working with GS (Mac)
Edit: Updated with No LAG! Fixed none bouncing ball bug better gameplay just waiting for apple to approve.

photo mzl-1lovrnbki170x170-75_zpsdb7704dc.png

Simple, Fun, and challenging any nice reviews would be really appreciated. :)

let me know what you think!

App store link:


  • Zenith_GameworksZenith_Gameworks Posts: 310Member
    A very interesting twist on the runner category. Looks fun and addicting \m/
  • goliathgoliath Posts: 1,427Member
    Yeah man it looks pretty interesting. Keep us updated on how it does.

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  • JarrenHJarrenH Posts: 206Member
    edited March 2013
    Awesome game! So much fun! Good luck with downloads!

    I think I found a bug though... If you switch the ball from the top to the bottom, and it collides with a wall while making the switch, on the next run I'm unable to tap anything. The ball doesn't bounce when I tap. Only way to fix it is to restart the app. So it sounds like an attribute is not getting reset or something. Other than that, great jobs!

    Edit: Woohoo! 100 posts! Does that mean I'm officially in the club?
  • AdamgoproAdamgopro Posts: 310Member
    @jarrenH thanks for this i have already fixed it and the app is awaiting update! also fixed a huge lag problem!

  • creativeappscreativeapps Posts: 1,770Member
    Something I can see is totally different it looks really good. Good luck with sales.
  • JarrenHJarrenH Posts: 206Member
    Adamgopro said:

    @jarrenH thanks for this i have already fixed it and the app is awaiting update! also fixed a huge lag problem!

    Awesome! It would be great to get Universal support. If the free downloads go well, I think there could be some awesome opportunities for monetization! Different balls, different bouncy-ness, etc.
  • lewisonelewisone Posts: 36Member, PRO
    Cool game, very challenging indeed. Great job. Not sure where you are going with this but I see many variations of gameplay including levels that require you to navigate through a maze to get lets say 4 objects before you go to the end. Great Concept.
  • GraphicWarehouseGraphicWarehouse Posts: 927Member
    edited March 2013
    I need this game!!!! The app store is so over saturated I can rarely find any good games and this looks really fun! Expect a good review!
  • AdamgoproAdamgopro Posts: 310Member
    @graphicwarehouse haha thanks ! The current game is abit laggy on iPhone 4 and below but when the update gets approved you will see a huge!!!! Difference in gameplay it's very smooth and fluid loading times are like only 0.01 Millieseconds and bug free
  • siwelsiwel Posts: 20Member, PRO
    Great game, extremely addictive :)
  • KangavarkKangavark Posts: 62Member
    Pretty cool game. I like the simplicity of it. Try mine would ya? Fast Twitch Color Switch.
    question: how did you do the Facebook link on your title page? Do you have a Pro account?
  • AdamgoproAdamgopro Posts: 310Member
    @kangavark just played fast switch well i must say its Hard! took me a while to figure out but again simplicity is the key i like the 3 platforms i think maybe you should space out the numbers just a tiny bit more as this game is for pro's! but overall great work :)!
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