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hoping someone can help me out. What would be the optimal way to set up a Skip button that, if pressed, would take a user to the next level/layer. There are 200 levels and the whole thing is set up using tables.

Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated,



  • ShmirlyWhirlShmirlyWhirl Member Posts: 189
    Depends what you already have set up to handle completing a level and starting a new one.

    If you let us know what you have in place it shouldn't be too hard to piggyback on to it.
  • thanks for your reply ShmirlyWhirl, it has a rule that changes attributes once a user has guessed the correct word-picked the correct combination of letters. All is happening is changing attributes, images to move to the next level. I hope i was able to explain it.

  • ShmirlyWhirlShmirlyWhirl Member Posts: 189
    Well then set up a button. When you say completing a level changes multiple attributes, I assume some deal with score, others the puzzle etc.

    Without seeing your project, I figure the button can change some of the attributes. The one that triggers a new puzzle, etc.

    Sorry if this is hard to read. Haven't had my coffee yet.
  • tatiangtatiang Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Senior Sous-Chef Posts: 11,928
    If each level is based on a table row, then you just increase that row number to move to a new level. Change Attribute game.Level to game.Level+1 and in each table behavior, use game.Level as the row value.

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  • thanks guys indeed, appreciated, sorry again for the late reply, my PC is finally back on running.
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