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Copywriter needed - Description + Press Release

maxbeaumontmaxbeaumont Posts: 616Member
edited March 2013 in Miscellaneous
Hey guys!

As many of you know, I'm working on a new non-gs app at the moment. The time has come for me to search for a copywriter to write the description for the app, as well as the press release. My normal choice for this is @QuantumSheep, but he has not been responding to my emails because I think he's pretty busy at the moment. If any of you guys have a past in writing of any sort and think you would be good at this, please hit me up. My email is [email protected], and I will pay $100 for this.

Max - The next generation of app marketing


  • ADSentertainmentADSentertainment Posts: 397Member
    I might be able to help you out, by description, you mean like the storyline? or just a description for the app?

    Having trouble with your game? Sounds like a personal problem.

  • maxbeaumontmaxbeaumont Posts: 616Member

    Description for the app. - The next generation of app marketing

  • DigiChainDigiChain Posts: 1,216Member, PRO
    @GSHelper - make sure you go for someone with some decent copywriting credentials. I can write... but I'm no copywriter!
  • maxbeaumontmaxbeaumont Posts: 616Member

    Good catch there, thanks!

    -Max - The next generation of app marketing

  • ADSentertainmentADSentertainment Posts: 397Member
    GSHelper said:


    Description for the app.

    Well I might be able to do a description. I'm not sure about the copyrighting part though

    Having trouble with your game? Sounds like a personal problem.

  • SocksSocks London, UK.Posts: 12,822Member
    I carn do it 4 U if you want I no your lookin 4 sum one who has get the skillz so jus PM and I will totaly do it 4 U
  • MarkOnTheIronMarkOnTheIron Posts: 1,447Member
    I can recommend you @QuantumSheep

    He offered this service some time ago. I used hime for a couple of projects and he was amazing.

  • maxbeaumontmaxbeaumont Posts: 616Member

    I would love to have @QuantumSheep do it, but I think he might be too busy :( I'll ask him again.

    -Max - The next generation of app marketing

  • quantumsheepquantumsheep Posts: 8,188Member

    Ask away, Max - I actually replied to your email a long while ago now, but I think there's something up with MY email as I started receiving messages, opened them up to answer, and saw they were sent *months* before.

    Time travel, eh? Never reliable!

    QS :D

    Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home...

  • maxbeaumontmaxbeaumont Posts: 616Member

    No worries mate! I'll hit up your inbox and hopefully we can figure this out :) - The next generation of app marketing

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