Destroy speed???

PaxPaxPaxPax Member Posts: 106
I have, let's say, actor 1 that is to destroy actor 2(balls) upon collision, reduce an attribute that keeps count of the number of balls on the scene and also to add to score. It works perfectly, destroys actor, reduces count and adds to score, UNTIL I perform this at very very very rapid speed. I.E. With touch, move actor 1 across the balls/scene at warp speed. With this rapid speed, the actor 2 is destroyed but the 'ballcount' does not reduce itself. It reduces a few of the balls that have been destroyed but not all of them.

Is this normal? Just an issue with the speed of actor 1?

Any suggestions on how I can manage this?

I could post my code if required but it is basically 'touch' to move and change two attributes upon collide, reduce ball count and add to score.



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