Questions - Multiscreen Menus and Overscanning

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After viewing the "Multiscreen Menus" video I was able to create the extended menu screen with no problem. However, there are multiple references and math using the exact screen sizes (960x320) in both the DRAG and CAM actors.

Do these need to be changed to fit the bigger iphones, or does the Overscan Techniques described in the "GameSalad - Overscanning Techniques" videos take all of this into consideration?


  • SolarPepperStudiosSolarPepperStudios Member Posts: 754
    The scene size is the scene size so it will work with any device. What I mean is if you has a 960x320 scene size no matter the device, it will stay 960x320 so there is no need to change it. I've done that stuff with an iPhone project on an iPad and it works fine. If you need to, try it out for yourself to see. :)
  • kaanukikaanuki Member Posts: 154
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