Best way to zoom camera to a specific spot

PortymanPortyman Member, PRO Posts: 409
I'm having trouble zooming the camera to a specific spot on the screen. I get the camera to zoom by interpolating the size of the camera to half, but it keeps zooming to the left hand bottom corner. I have played with changing the camera origin but I still can't get it.

Basically , I have an Ipad game in portrait and I want to zoom to the bottom center. Any help is appreciated.


  • lewisonelewisone Member, PRO Posts: 36
    I have done some where I double tap on a spot and it gets the x/y where touchIsPressed and uses those x/y to zoom from that spot on the screen (you have to make sure your picture in the beginning is the same size as the screen): also moving that point to the center of the screen. You have to make sure to set the touchIsReleased back to x/y zero in order for it to work the second time, otherwise it just does weird stuff when touched again...
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