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Hey guys,

Just realized a few things today that I thought I may as well share. I held back until they got rid of the Off-Topic button ;)

So previously when I asked how the experience star (top right of posts on the forums) worked, I was given some interesting answers. @Chakku donated some complex math equations, and @FlyingBaconStudios + @Braydon_SFX said that only a certain amount of people could be a certain rank.

I'm pretty sure that both are incorrect. The reason that I noticed this was that @beefy_clyro now has 5 points on his star, and yet he is not on the top then. FBS and Braydon said that there could only be 10 people with those 5 points, but beefy is not in the top ten. I also noticed that beefy just went over 1000 points, and when I got 4 points on my star, I was right at 500.

So my newest hypothesis: 1* = Default, 2* = (over) 100 (points), 3* = 250, 4* = 500, 5* = 1000.

Anyway, not that anyone cares. :)
- Thomas


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