what order and how often does GS read the rules for an actor

Hi guys....first off thanks so much for all the help so far....you've been great at helping me understand this...

my question is, how does GS read the rules of actors...im guessing in a top down sort of way, or is it more of a simultaneous way? for example if you have a rule that says, change game attribute x to 1 when n=10, and a rule after that that says change attribure x to 2 when n=10 and then after that a rule that changes game attribute y to 5 if x=1, will it ever take effect? i should probably just try it and see, but thought there might be good additional insight from some experienced users...

and a related question is if you take the above example, and have the rule that changes x to 1 in a different actor, then how does GS interpret the logic flow there? does this question make sense?

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